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The urban lectures are a free resource of video lectures, including synopsis, biographies and additional reading materials, open to use for academic, professional or personal purposes.
Global Urban Lectures - Accessing the knowledge of UN-Habitat associated experts
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Following the success of the first season, which quickly became the top viewed and shared outreach initiative of UN-Habitat, the second season continues with 8 new speakers working with UN-Habitat in the urban arena. Meeting the feedback from the first season, this season also brings the opportunity to download the series as MP3s, to listen to on the go. Download the full pdf with all synopses, biographies and links here.

Principles of Planned Urbanization - Dr. Joan Clos, Executive Director UN-Habitat
Too Pressed To Wait - Jane Weru, Executive Director Akiba Mashinani Trust
Addressing Global Land Challenges - Clarissa Augustinus, UN-Habitat
Urbanization & Demographics: The Coordination Problem - Robert Buckley, The New School
Urban Economy in the New Millennium - Michael Cohen, The New School
Mass housing requires mass housing finance - Marja Hoek Smit, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Urban Drainage & Green Infrastructure - Chris Jefferies, Urban Drainage specialist
Densification in consolidated informal settlements - Peter Ward, University of Texas

Find a PDF with a summary of all lectures from season one here.  

Street-Led City Wide Slum Upgrading - Claudio Acioly, UN-Habitat
Making Room for a Planet of Cities - Shlomo (Solly) Angel, Stern School of Business, New York University
Slums - Past, Present and Future - Eugenie Birch, University of Pennsylvania
Transforming cities with transit - Robert Cervero, University of California, Berkeley
Citizen roles in resilient cities - Ron Dembo, Zerofootprint
Incremental Housing – The new site & services - Reinhard Goethert, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Participation in practice - Nabeel Hamdi, Oxford Brookes University
The notion of prosperity - Mohamed Halfani, UN-Habitat
Handmade architecture as a catalyst for development - Anna Heringer, UNESCO Chair for Earthen Architecture
Pro-poor solid waste management - Marijk Huysman, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies
A rights-based approach to urban development - Urban Jonsson, the Owls
City Prosperity Initiative - Eduardo Moreno, UN-Habitat
Urban Informality - Marginal or Mainstream? - Janice Perlman, The Megacities Project
How can we transcend slum urbanism in Africa? - Edgar Pieterse, University of Cape Town
Post-industrial dynamics and urban housing - Hugo Priemus, Delft University of Technology
Fostering resilience through community based innovation - Mary Rowe, Municipal Art Society of New York
Value Capture as a land based tool to finance development - Martim Smolka, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
From Agropolis to Ecopolis – Towards regenerative cities - Stefan Schurig, World Future Council
On compact, Integrated & connected cities - Raf Tuts, UN-Habitat
10 things designers need to work on - Christian Werthmann, Leibniz University Hannover

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